Black Saltys (bronz hybrid gold fish)

These bait fish are very special as they are patented by Anderson farms and can't be reproduced without written consent.                            

As for the bait they are a very hardy fish that will stay lively on jugs/trotlines/yo-yos,etc;.

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Pinky Fatheads (rosey reds)

These unique bait is a favorite amongst anglers of many generations. The pink color and special features make this a go to for many....

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#4 crappie minniows

The smaller minniow is some of the best crappie bait.?

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Shiners #6 bass (IN STORE ONLY)

We source all our minniows locally from a state certified farm

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Canadian nightcrawlers

Hand selected Canadian nightcrawlers shipped in from Canada..

Not bed run worms...these worms are selecte.we have many great options..we do not ship unless it a prearranged agreement...

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